DODO SMART RGB STRIP can be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi.
Dim the light and set up to 16 million colors by using DODOTIK app without leaving your bed. Enjoy your time with this perfect room led strip lights. 
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DODO SMART RGB STRIP allows you to create the perfect impressive lighting effect in any room with your voice using Amazon Alexa. It allows you to turn the light tape on/off, adjust the brightness, intensity, and change the color of the strip light.

For example:

 Alexa, turn the light on

Alexa, Change the light color to blue

Alexa Dim the light to 25% 

The flexible smart tape light is ideal to be placed under sofas, behind desks, and other locations to give a soft ambient lighting effect in your home.

Control of your lighting today… discover the Dodo Smart RGB Strip

Model Number RGB Wi-Fi Controller
Input 5-24V DC
Output RGBW, each route max 4A
RGBW Red, Green, Blue, White.
Load Power 96W
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4 GHz
Controlled Method WIFI Control
Package Weight (approx.) 65g
Material ABS Plastic