-DODO SECURITY puts a ring of security in
and around your home by using different
types of security devices.
-DODO SECURITY is made up of powerful
components and software solutions that
are carefully crafted together to make
the final body.


The brain of the system that ensures
seamless communication of all the
detectors with the outside world.

A powerful network controls all
devices on several floors of your home.

Motion Detector

The motion detector watches a room
inside your house and detects motion.

-The wider 110° detecting angle allows
for a wider field of view.
-The adjustable sensitivity allows for
a motion detection range up to 12m.
-The Sensor works up to three years
without a battery change.

Magnetic Sensor

The contact sensor monitors a door
or window in your home.

You can receive system notifications on
your mobile phone immediately when
a door or window opens, or a sensor
detects motion.