LoRaWAN Ultrasonic
Distance/Level Sensor

- 3-Axis Accelerometer
- Dual Ultrasonic Sensor
- IP67 Waterproof
- LoRaWAN® Based
Easy Configuration (via NFC)

Dual Ultrasonic Sensor

With dual ultrasonic beams, the advanced EM310-UDL

measures from 3 cm up to 450 cm, thus has ultra-short blind zone.

Device Motion Detection

Built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows you to recognize
objects’ movement efficiently and reliably.

IP67 Rating

EM300-UDL is qualified to work in harsh and wet environments with an IP67 rated enclosure to protect against powerful jets of water .


- Milesight EM310-UDL ultrasonic sensor is compatible with industry-standard LoRaWAN® gateways .

- With a range of up to 15 km in rural areas and 2 km in urban areas .