EM500-PP Pipe Pressure Sensor

Pressure Detection | LoRaWAN® wireless transmission | Ultra-low power consumption | NFC | IP67

Pipe Pressure Sensor

EM500-PP sensor is designed for measuring pressures from liquids and gases in order to realize the pressure monitoring of tank level or leakage in pipes.

- No Leakage Danger

- Shock-resistant and Vibration-resistant

- Measuring Accuracy is less than ±0.% FS

- Temperature Compensation for High Accuracy

Smart Pipe Pressure Monitoring

Urban water supply and heating pipelines are the main facilities for supplying water and heating to users.

Reducing pipeline damage is the core of pipeline safety, so as to avoid regional water supply and heating shortages caused by maintenance.

LoRaWAN Wireless Transmission

Ultra-low power consumption and easy deployment

Built-in 19000 mAh high-capacity battery can be used for 10 years.