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Adding a New Device

How can I add a new device?
Before you start to add a device, please make sure your smartphone is connected to a 2.4G Wi-Fi network. 1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings in the app main menu, and enter your router settings (SSID and password). Make sure you are using a 2.4G router. 2. Please place your phone and device as close to the router as possible. 3. Make sure that you are running the Wi-Fi service on your mobile. 4. Make sure that you connect your device with the correct power source and that the LED is blinking. 5. Open DODOTIK app and click on '+' button at the main page or ‘Add device’ from the menu. 6. After reading the instructions, click on ‘Add device’ and then wait. It is possible to repeat the process more than one time according to the distance between your mobile and the device, but a close distance is preferred. 7. If you pass the first stage, the app takes you to a new page that asks you to click on ‘Add device’ again to connect the device with the server. This process needs time and Internet access to your mobile, so you should wait, and if it fails, check the Internet connection of your mobile and click on the button again. 8. Finally, you will be asked to add a name to your device. Then click ‘OK’.
I failed to add new device.
If you failed to add a device, make sure you have entered the correct password for your 2.4G Wi-Fi. Also make sure you enable the Wi-Fi on your mobile and that your mobile is connected with the Internet through the same Wi-Fi router. In case that fails even with the correct Wi-Fi SSID and password, reset the device to factory settings (long press on the reset button for 5 seconds) and do the process again.
The device is added to my account, but the LED is blinking.
Make sure that you have entered the correct password for your 2.4G Wi-Fi. In case you have entered incorrect password and SSID, you should reset the device.

Reset the Device to Factory Settings

How I can reset my device to factory settings?
You can reset the device Wi-Fi and network configuration settings by holding the switch down on the device for 5 seconds. You can reset all the settings on the device (which is useful if you forget the configuration password) by holding down the switch for 5 seconds.
When I reset my device, do I lose my data on the mobile?
You just lose your data in case you delete the device from your mobile app.
Can I reconnect the device with a new Wi-Fi router without resetting it?
No, you should reset it, and then you should add it as a new device.

Wi-Fi Device Offline

What can I do when the device fails to connect with my router?
In case you find that the devices remain offline and will not go online (at this case the LED indicator is blinking), please first restart the power of both the router and devices and see if the devices will go online. If the problem persists, this mean one of the following reasons is causing this problem: • If this happened for the first time when you tried to add the device, make sure that you write the correct SSID and password in the Wi-Fi settings page (main menu). If you find that they are not correct, you should reset the device and re-add again. • The Wi-Fi strength is weak. Your router is too far away from your device, and there may be some interference in the environment. To solve this, please take your device close to the router. If the problem still exists, please cut off the power of the device and power it up again. • Make sure you are not using the 5G Wi-Fi when you add the device. If you are connecting to 5G Wi-Fi, please delete the device and re-add via 2.4G Wi-Fi. Some Wi-Fi Hue/Bridge may not be compatible, but this is rare. • Make sure your router settings do not open the MAC address filter. • One normal router usually supports about 10 devices (including phone, PC, tablet, and all other devices that connect to the same router). Please make sure the number of devices currently connecting to your router does not exceed its max limit. • Make sure that your Wi-Fi SSID and password do not contain special characters, for example, the Hebrew, Arabic characters. Our system cannot recognize these characters and therefore fails to connect to the Wi-Fi.
My device was not added to my user account, but it is still connecting with the server.
When you see that the LED indicator is stable (not blinking) and the device is not available in the app, usually there are two reasons that lead to this result: a. The owner has deleted it from the account, and it does not belong to any account now, but the device still recognizes the previous Wi-Fi. b. During the adding process, the app has completed the communication between the smartphone and the device, and the device has obtained the Wi-Fi password, but when binding it to the user’s account, the network is interrupted. Solution: Reset the device and re-add.
My device failed to connect to the server. The network is interrupted or the DNS cannot resolve the address.
Usually, there are eight reasons that lead to this result: a. Unable to visit the Internet If the Internet cannot be accessed, then use your phone or PC to visit the Internet. If successful, try to connect your device again. If you have stopped paying the Internet fee or extending your network service, you cannot visit the Internet. b. Bandwidth occupied You may have downloaded too many files at the same time, which occupied most of the bandwidth; thus your device did not have enough bandwidth to connect to the server. If so, please stop downloading and try to re-add your device. c. More than one router with the same SSID (name) You may have more than one router with the same name, and your device may have connected to the non-networked one. In this case, you should reset your router name and choose the networked one to connect. Then try to connect your device again. d. More than one DHCP server on one network There may be errors existing in the router topology. In this case, please check the connection between the routers, and then try again. e. ARP attacked If you have checked all of the above and found no problems, maybe some terminal of the local area network you are locating has been affected by an ARP virus. We suggest you manually bind the gateway and MAC address, and then try again. f. Firewall settings You may have opened a firewall or some security software. In this case, please temporarily close them and try to connect the device again. g. DNS server inaccessible After making all of the above checks and finding no problems, the possible problem should be a DNS error. Please manually change the DNS server address and try again. Please change the DNS server address to Then try to re-add your device. h. IP address conflict Please close all other connections that connect to the router. Then try to re-add your device. You can also ping our server address on your computer. Please select the server address according to your location. Then send the result to our support.
The LED indicator does not work. When powering the device up, it is not on.
The circuit may be damaged. Please contact the seller for help.
The LED indicator is blinking for a long time, and the device is offline.
It is possible that somebody reset the device by clicking on the reset button for 5 seconds. In this case you should remove it from your app and re-add it again.

Forgot Password

Can I get my password if I forget it?
When you try to log in and you find that you forgot your password, please follow the instructions below to reset your password. 1. On the 'Log in' screen, click on 'Reset Password'. 2. Select the country/region in which your account was registered. 3. Enter your mobile phone number. 4. Click on 'Send Code'. 5. Enter the verification code. Set the password and then confirm it. Then click on 'Done'.
Can I change my password?
Yes, you can change your password by clicking on ‘Reset Password’ from the ‘Log in’ screen. Then follow the instructions above of the forgotten password.
Can I return my password without using a phone number?
No, you should use the same phone number that you used during creating your account, and the phone number should be still valid.
Can I return my password using my email?
No, you can only return or change your password using your mobile number that you used during creating an account.

Unable to register/sign up

Unable to Register/Sign Up
If you fail to register or sign up, please walk through the guide below. Make sure your verification code is entered correctly. Your verification code should be entered within 30 minutes; otherwise it will expire. If the code expires, please re-send the code. Ensure that your mobile phone number that you entered is correct and is entered in the correct format; check the example at the same page. Do not forget to click on the ‘Register’ button. Please input English letters and numbers only. Do not include any special characters in your email address. When all these methods fail, please submit a feedback in DODOTIK app and tell us the phone number you want to use for registration. We will try to find out the reason of the problem and provide a solution for you.

Share Your DODOTIK App with Others.

How can I share my app with my family?
You can share the app with others, by allowing them to scan your unique QR code. Click on ‘Share’ in the main menu to find your QR code. Then, the other mobile user should click on ‘Log in by QR’ and scan the QR code. It is allowed that you share the app with max 5 persons. Sharing the app with others allows them to have full control over your devices. At the same time, you have the option to stop shared devices from monitoring your app, and you can delete them from the ‘Share’ page.
What is the max number of devices that can share my mobile app?
The max number of devices that can share your app is 5.
Can I remove the shared devices?
Yes, you can easily remove the shared devices from the main menu by clicking on ‘Share’. Then you will see in the same page the shared devices and you can delete them from there.
Does the shared device have the power to remove devices from the app?
No, shared device cannot remove or add devices.

What is DODOTIK?

What is DODOTIK?
DODOTIK is a free app that lets you control your smart home devices wherever you are, whenever you want. You will have hands-free experience by creating schedules in the app or shouting your commands to Amazon Echo.

Add device page

What you should do before adding a device?
• Please place your phone and device as close to the router as possible. • Make sure your mobile phone is connected with the Internet. • Make sure that you have entered your Wi-Fi SSID and password in the Wi-Fi settings (from the main menu). • Make sure that you connect your device with the correct power source and that the LED is blinking..

Device turns on by itself

Device Turns On by Itself?
If a device or a channel of a device turns on/off by itself, please follow the instructions below to troubleshoot. - Physical button trigged When someone presses the physical button on the smart device, the device status will change and be synched to the app. - Device shared with others In case the device has been shared with other users, the device status will respond to the control of the receiver of the sharing. - App settings When there is any schedule, countdown timer, or loop timer, the device status will change based on the corresponding settings. Provided none of situations above exist, please try to delete the device from your DODOTIK account and then add it again. See if this fixes the problem. If the problem persists, the problem may be caused by a hardware issue. Therefore, please contact your seller for further assistance.