You can receive system notifications on your mobile phone immediately when a door or window opens, or a sensor detects motion.


DGW65 Semi - Industrial Gateway/DWG67 Outdoor Gateway

Solenoid Valve Controller

Empower Automatic & Precision Irrigation


We build IoT devices for different applications starting from Idea and end with (hardware and software).

IoT Devices

The first is the IoT device level; as without accurate sensors, actuators and IoT devices in general, no accurate data and without accurate data no Internet of Things, let alone IoT projects or products/services.

IoT Gateway

The second is the IoT gateway, which we covered more in-depth but deserves a spot as a layer and certainly in an overview of the IoT device layer with which it is strongly connected and for which is a necessary level towards the next steps of actionable data and business applications or consumer apps and services.

IoT Platforms

The third is the IoT platform layer where we connect with the business and consumer applications and services, as well as the development of these services and the management and interconnection with the first two layers.

Lorawan Solutions

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DODO IOT Platform

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