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AI Fire Detection Solution

10-Years Battery-Powered IoT Nodes for Intelligent Fire Detection


We build IoT devices for different applications starting from Idea and end with (hardware and software).

IoT Devices

As a creator of IoT products, our company takes ideas and turns them into functional IoT products. We work with clients to understand their needs and design custom devices equipped with electronics, sensors, and communication modules. We ensure that the products are high-quality, reliable, and secure, meeting the requirements of the target applications.

IoT Gateway

Creating an IoT gateway involves building a device that connects IoT devices to the internet, enabling data exchange between them. The gateway serves as a bridge between the devices and the cloud, collecting data, processing it, and transmitting it securely to our servers. The gateway also provides data management and device control functionalities.

IoT Platforms

Building an IoT platform involves creating software that enables the management, monitoring, and analysis of data generated by IoT devices. The platform must be capable of processing large volumes of data, providing data visualization, and supporting device management and control. It also requires security and scalability features to handle growing volumes of devices and data.

Lorawan Solutions

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DODO IOT Platform

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